one sec app — break your social media habits long-term

“one sec” uses Shortcuts Automation to toggle a deep breath animation whenever you open one of the configured apps (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…). This breaks unconcious social media habits and even helps long-term by adding more friction when opening these apps.

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Breaks unconcious social media habits

Being forced to take a deep breath helps yourself to reflect on what you are currently doing on your phone – did you really want to open Instagram or was it muscle memory?

Takes dopamine away from social media

A clever trick: by making you wait longer for social media to open, your brain loses interest in those (destructive) short-term dopamine hits.

HealthKit Integration

one sec contributes all moments of mindfulness to the Health app.

Social media usage with a clear purpose

Over time, you will notice that you lose the urge to open specific apps, and that you develop towards using social media only for specific purposes. Not only because you‘re bored.

Haptic Feedback

You can chose between different haptic feedback effects for the breathing exercises. Close your eyes and feel your breath.

Shortcuts App automation integration

The setup is easy: configure the one sec Shortcut to be triggered when opening an app – within the Shortcuts app. Video instructions are available within my app.

Effective Dopamine Fasting using Shortcuts Automation

Just like me, your brain is probably heavily intertwined with the small dopamine hits you can get from social media. This is actually proven to be unhealthy and can lead to phone-addictions. one sec helps to fix those broken reward pathways in our brains.

Social media provides immediate rewards — in the form of attention from your network — for minimal effort through a quick tap on your screen. And one sec increases the effort to those rewards…so they don‘t seem that appealing to your brain anymore.

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It really makes me think twice before opening Twitter for the 100th time. Would highly recommend!



AppStore Review

Only had for a couple of hours and it’s already stopped me from opening Twitter via muscle memory 5x…..amazing.



AppStore Review

Thinking about it in hindsight, the app has been all the help I needed.

Fabi Norbert

Fabi Norbert

AppStore Review