Healthy Alternatives to Social Media

Before we can find healthy alternatives to social media, let’s take a look at the unhealthy reasons why we open social media all the time. Most of our screen time is driven by unpleasant emotions which we want to escape:

  • Boredom
  • Stress
  • Unpleasant work / homework
  • Unpleasant social situations
  • Anxiety
  • Exhaustion
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness

The healthiest alternative to opening social media is: deal with that emotion, instead of opening social media. That’s not that simple, so I created a new app one sec to help with that: one sec intervenes every time you open social media, forces you to take a deep breath, and then asks for your intention: why do you actually open that app?

You might be:

  • under-stimulated and need something cool to do! (tips for that below)
  • overwhelmed by your work and need a break! (not on social media because that doesn’t actually help)
  • overworked or exhausted, because tasks piled up. Take a step back and make a plan.
  • anxious, sad, lonely? talk to a friend or a therapist!

Eliminate Emotion-Triggered Social Media Usage

With one sec, you can experience how many times we actually open apps without actively thinking about it. The good thing is: the intervention brings back control. Only proceed to social media if you have a proper intention!

Healthy Alternatives

one sec actually suggests very concrete healthy alternatives, after the intervention is completed. This includes activities such as:

  • looking at your favorite family pictures on your phone
  • going through your reading list
  • wellbeing activities (meditation, go for walk, drink tea, sauna…)
  • sports (you can configure your own activities)
  • good apps (for meditation, podcasts, prouctivity, music, planning, ebooks…)
  • calendar events and reminders
  • calling/texting a contact

Some general healthy advice to lower your screen time long-term

Here are some general tips that will all lead to a lower screen time long-term: because you are happier and livelier.

Take good care of your mental health

Social media usage increases the risk for mental problems. If you believe you’re at risk, don’t waste time and talk to a therapist.

Find an activity that gives you joy without having to be good at it

The best moments are when I can completely dive into an activity and forget everything around me for multiple hours. This happens while coding, but there I am expected to perform exceptionally well which has also huge drawbacks. That’s why I started painting a couple of years ago: nobody expects me to be good at it, and I just do it for myself. It doesn’t matter at all what the outcome is, it’s all about doing it.

Afterwards, I feel energized and sustainable happiness. Find something like that for yourself: making music, photography, videography, writing, … it does not matter as long as you enjoy it!

More sport = less screen time

Yes, you’ve probably heard it a lot already: but physical exercise is good for you. But it’s not a competition. Do it, because you feel better afterwards. Don’t run faster, longer, and further than what feels good – otherwise you will feel tired and exhausted. You’ll feel more energized and balanced long-term. And studies have shown that spending less time on social media leads to more physical exercise.

Last but not least: give “one sec” a try!

Everything described in this short blog post is built into one sec. And the best thing: you can use one sec for free with one app (e.g. Instagram). So you can see for yourself if it works for you!