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Kill the innovation killer: social media

My new app “one sec” forces its users to take a deep breath whenever they open social media apps.

Through that, one sec reduces social media use by 57%.1

On average, every team member wastes 2h per week on social media apps during working hours.2
That’s 100 paid hours per employee per year.

Imagine, if they spent that time more intentional: taking breaks between meetings that actually help to reset their brain (as suggested by latest Microsoft research), lose their urge to open social media all the time without proper reason, and ultimately get less stressed, and a more resilient mental health – resulting in more creativity and productivity.

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Reduce distractions

  • 64% of employees visit non-work related apps and websites every day during work hours.2
  • Most popular distractions: Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest.2
  • one sec reduces social media usage by 57%.1

Boost productivity and creativity

  • Businesses spend more than 9000€ per worker per year on distractions.4
  • Multitasking decreases worker performance by 40%, the equivalent of 3 hours per worker per day.3

Mental health up, stress down

  • Studies show that heavy social media use is associated with an increase of psychological distress, depression, and anxiety.5
  • Employees who are distracted during work have higher levels of stress, frustration, mental effort, feeling of time pressure and mental workload.3
  • 10-minute breaks without social media between meetings help to reset the brain, make your employees engage more, and be less stressed.6
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100% Private, on-device

one sec handles all user-data with greatest care: there is no server collecting user data or accounts required. I earn money selling in-app-puchases, not users’ data.

Intrinsic support

Most employees want to reduce time spent on social media but fail at it due to the sophisticated algorithms developed by the best psychologists in silicon valley. And one sec fights that problem at it’s root: breaking the dopamine-feedback-cycle of social media.


Each team member has their own apps and distractions on their smartphone: most popular apps and websites are supported out-of-the-box, custom ones can be added as well.
On top of that, there are countless customization options for the intervention itself.

Tangible results

After using one sec for a couple of weeks, users can see how much time they have saved with one sec. In my case, I save two full weeks every year by spending way less time on Instagram and Twitter.

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The science behind one sec:

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